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Kentucky‘s Top Food and Drink Experiences

Your personal guide to the most memorable food and drink experiences in the State of Kentucky, USA


Kentucky is well-known for its delicious food and drink experiences, with plenty of great places to find both in this beautiful part of Southern USA

The “Bluegrass State” is especially famous as the world’s bourbon capital, with this flavorful American whiskey available everywhere from casual pubs to fine-dining restaurants. In fact, the state is home to 95 distilleries producing some $9 billion worth of this liquid gold every year.

Add to this a booming Kentucky beer brewing industry, unique dining experiences featuring the state’s most famous dishes such as bluegrass BBQ chicken and fried green tomatoes, and you won’t go hungry. These delicious treats can be found everywhere from local restaurants to farmer’s markets and are always worth trying.

Whether you live here or are planning a trip to this beautiful Southern state, be sure to visit often for the latest news and reviews on the Bluegrass State’s incredible food and drink scene.